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Monday, 9 September 2013

XML Source Qualifier in Informatica

By on September 09, 2013

  • Active Transformation

  • It acts like a source qualifier for sources like XML files.

  • Converts XML source files to Informatica data types.

XML files = structure + data.

Define Source

Import an XML source file in the Source Analyzer workspace.

XML Source Qualifier in Informatica
XML Source Qualifier in Informatica

Define Target.

Select the target(s) to create from XML source.

Relational -> OK.

XML requires a root.

Delete the root table from the WH designer.

Select all the tables and Generate/Execute SQL.

Connect these tables to the target.

Define the mapping – drag xml source and target in the mapping designer.

Any transformation can be used in between.

Project the required ports from XML SQ to the TGT.

Save the repository.

Define the workflow.

Assign the connections.

Source File: C:\ (Directory) and assign the xml filename employees.xml

Multiple targets (Email,employees,Phone nos.,Salary)

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