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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Action Links in OBIEE 11g

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Action link which is used to make link from the analysis/Dashboard to other URL of Web Pages.

Actions provide functionality to navigate to BI Contents, including actions in analyses, dashboard pages, agents, scorecard objectives, scorecard initiatives, and KPIs.

Actions can be executed Explicitly by end users who click action links that are embedded within, Analyses on column headings, column values, and hierarchy level values and in certain views, such as graphs, Dashboard pages, Content delivered by agents, Scorecards in Cause & Effect Maps, Custom Views, Strategy Tree Views, Strategy Maps, KPIs, and KPI watch lists, KPI analyses

Action Links consists of two methods - dashboard and columns in analysis methods.

Dashboard Action Link

While on editing the dashboard in the left side pane we have the option “Action Link” you can drag and drop for available in answers side.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Analysis Action Link

Under analysis for each and every column you can have a action link under column properties of interaction.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Types of Actions:

1. Navigate

2. Invoke

Navigate Action:

It navigate or drill or link to other contents in dashboard as well as in columns of tables.

Navigate to BI Content — Navigates to an analysis, a specific dashboard page, or dashboard.

Navigate to a Web Page — Navigates to a specified URL.

Navigate to EPM Content — Navigates to Financial Reporting content.

Navigate to E-Business Suite — Navigates to an Oracle E-Business Suite page or form. You use this type of action to allow users to navigate back to an Oracle E-Business Suite page or form after they have first logged in to Oracle E-Business Suite and then accessed Oracle BI EE.

Navigate to Siebel CRM — Navigates to a view (such as an opportunity) in a Siebel CRM application. You use this type of action to allow users to navigate from a dashboard that is embedded in a Siebel CRM application to a record in a view in the CRM application.

Invoke Action Type:

Invoke a Web Service — Invokes a Web Service operation or any SOA service that is exposed as a Web Service (for example, a Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) process in the Oracle SOA Suite that is exposed as a Web Service).

Invoke a Java Method — Invokes a Java method in an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB).

Invoke a Browser Script — Invokes a Java Script function from the client Web browser.

Invoke Server Script — executes a custom script when the current agent completes. The custom script type can be either Java Script or VB Script.

Invoke an HTTP Request — Sends an HTTP request through the server to a target URL. This action type is used to invoke external systems that are exposed by URL KPIs.

Invoke Agent — invokes another agent. This action type lets you chain agents. For example, you can have Agent A invoke Agent B, which invokes Agent C and so on.

Invoke Java Jobs — executes a custom Java program action that was created in a previous release (prior to 11g) and upgraded in this release. You cannot create this type of action

Steps to Implement Action Links On Dashboard:

Click on the “Edit Dashboard” on the Dashboard right side corner.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Drag and drop the “action link” object from Dashboards object in left side to right side pane of the sections.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Edit on the action link, to set the link and parameters.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Assign the links and text; add the navigation by clicking the right side of the action.

It will display the options of navigation and also invoke actions also.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

For example I am explaining here with “Navigate to a Web page”. 

Linked to Google web page for sample. Once you click on “navigate to web page it asks for the web page address a “HTTP” link. And you can assign parameters. Under options you can assign the information for invoke action.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

· Defining Parameter to execute the action, types of parameters are 

· Fixed — a fixed parameter can be seen but its value cannot be set by a user.

· Hidden — a hidden parameter cannot be seen and its value cannot be set by a user. (Note that hidden does not mean that the parameter is secure.)

· Optional — an optional parameter does not require a value in order for the action to be executed.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Click and save, check in the dashboard the link will get appear with the name what you assigned.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Once I click on the link it will navigate to Google site, with some confirmations.

Confirmations as for invoking the navigation.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Click yes to invoke the action. Click execute to run the action. Once you click execute the Google web page will open in a new tab in the browser.

Action Links in OBIEE 11g
Action Links in OBIEE 11g

Action Links in Analyses

For Each column under properties you can run the action links.

Steps to implement Action Links in analysis:

· Drag and drop the columns from subject area to analysis space. 

· Select the column which you want to add action, click on that and go for the column properties. 

· In the column properties go to 5th tab “Interaction” select for value or column heading too.

Go to Values interaction to assign an action link.

Under Primary interaction you have the list of options to choose, like Default (drill), None, Drill, Action Links, send master – Detail Events.

By click the + symbol, Selecting Action links to navigate to web pages or bi content or Invoke services.

Select Navigate to a web page and define parameters links.

Assigned parameter as “GOOGLE” and prompt “Vijai” Values “12345” Fixed and optional parameters are check in, 

Check for values the interaction assigned or not and then give ok.

Check the action in table view or pivot table view.

The link will check the parameters and ask permission to user to execute or not. User has to confirm the requirement to invoke the actions.

Click Yes. And check the assigned parameters is correct or not then give execute to link to Google web page.


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