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Monday, 2 September 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Challenges

By on September 02, 2013

Business Intelligence Challenges

Business Intelligence is the capability of collecting information and analyzing the strategy of the organization data values to make the decision support system of management process.

Business Intelligence faces the challenges of fetching the large amount of big data into a consolidated, define manner of the best understand to the organization management process.

BI is an enterprise-wide platform that supports reporting, analysis and decision making.BI leads to Fact-based decision making.

BI tool which integrates with different technologies and products and methods to improve the decision making process of organization level. Some of the process where profit & Loss strategy of the management.

                                                                          Business Performance Management

The Fundamental Challenge of Business Intelligence is to combine the large amount of data from various data source and displays in all required information in a single dashboard, clearly and without any distraction so that the management process can easily know the market strategy of the organization.

Traditionally, IT has supported OLTP online transaction processing for internal operations and customer-facing systems, and  then used batch processing to bind up all of the activities at the end of a processing period. But, increasingly, businesses are started to integrate elegant systems that go beyond isolated enclaves of computerization built into computers and networks and tap directly into the decisive judgment behind mission-critical business processes.

BI Analytics servers do read data by rows, but most of the time they drill down for more information by looking at columns of data that contain data attributes such as "Revenue" to point you to sales data. Reading by column instead of by row is faster and more convenient for retrieving query information.

Majority of BI decision making is towards the analysis of planned structured data. Usage of unstructured data is minimal at best and non-existent in many Situations.

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