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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Steps to use Filter Transformation in Informatica

By on September 05, 2013

Define the Source (EMP)

Define the Target (DIM_EMP)

Create the Mapping.

Drag Source definition and Target definition to the Mapping Designer Workspace.

Go to the Transformation Menu and click on Create.

Select the Transformation type to create (Filter)

Give a name to the transformation (T_FIL) and click on Create and then Done

A blank object appears on the Mapping Designer Window.

Select the required ports from the Source Qualifier (by using Ctrl key).Drag and drop on the filter transformation.

Right click the Transformation object and click on edit or select Edit option from the Transformations menu.

Check the Make reusable box.

Click on the Properties tab and click the Filter condition down arrow button

Expression editor appears - remove TRUE from the formula bar.

Click on Ports tab and then in the expression editor and give the condition.

Click on Validate.

Project the required ports from the filter to the target.

Repository -> Save.

Open the  WorkFlow Manger.

Define Session.

Define Workflow.

Start the Workflow.

In the Task Developer edit session got to Mappings tab.

Select the dimension table from the Targets folder and then in the Properties window check the Truncate Target Table option. Apply and then OK.

Now go to Informatica Designer. Right click on the target table DIM_EMP and select the option Preview Data.

Give the database credentials and click on Connect, the result dataset is shown up.

mkashu: Steps to use Filter Transformation in Informatica
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