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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Update Physical Layer Wizard in OBIEE

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This wizard allows you to update database objects in the Physical layer of a repository based on their current definitions in the back-end database.

When the wizard processes the update, the server running the Administration Tool connects to each back-end database. The objects in the Physical layer are compared with those in the back-end database. 

Explanatory text alerts you to differences between objects as defined in the database in the Physical layer and as defined the back-end database, such as data type-length mismatches and objects that are no longer found in the back-end database. For example, if an object exists in the database in the Physical layer of the repository but not in the back-end database, the following text is displayed:

"Object does not exist in the database"

Steps to run the utlity

To update objects in the Physical layer
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Utilities > Update Physical Layer, and then click Execute.
The databases in the Physical layer of the repository are listed in the left pane of the wizard.
  1. In the Update Physical Layer Wizard dialog box, select the databases that you want to update in the left pane, and then click Add.
The databases move to the right pane.
  1. To remove a database from the update list, select it and click Remove.
  1. After you select the objects that you want to update in the Physical layer, click Next.
  1. In the next window, select the connection pool for each database that you want to update and then click Next.
The wizard alerts you if it needs to check any objects out.
  1. Review the information about each update.
You can sort the rows (toggle between ascending order and descending order) by clicking the Name column heading.
  1. If you decide that you do not want the wizard to update a particular object in the Physical layer, click the Back button and remove the object.
  1. Click Finish.
The wizard updates the objects in the Physical layer, and then closes automatically.

  1. On the Administration Tool toolbar, click File > Save to save the updated objects in the Physical layer.

I have selected "saac" over here to update

  • All the tables will get display for confirmation of update.
  • when updating it will delete the unused table from the physical layer.


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