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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Externalize String Utilities in OBIEE

By on September 03, 2013

Externalize Strings

Ø  This utility is primarily for use by translators to translate Presentation layer catalogs, tables, columns, and their descriptions into other languages. You can save these text strings to an external file with ANSI, Unicode, and UTF-8 coding options.

Ø  To translate a string

Ø  In the Presentation layer, right-click a presentation catalog and choose Externalize Display Names. The term Presentation Catalog in the Administration Tool refers to subject areas.

Ø  In the Presentation layer, right-click the same presentation catalog and choose Externalize Descriptions. In the right-click menu, both options appear with a check next to them.

Ø  From the Tools menu, choose Utilities > Externalize Strings, and then click Execute.

Ø  In the Externalize Strings dialog box, click a presentation catalog in the left pane.
o   NOTE:  You can select all catalogs at once or select them individually and create a separate string file for each one.
o   In the right pane, the translated values and the original strings (names) appear. These will be placed in session variables for use by Oracle BI Presentation Services.

Ø  Click Save.

Ø  In the Save As dialog box, choose a type of file and an encoding value and click Save.

Ø  In the Externalized Strings dialog box, click Close. 

After that run the utility you will find the name assign to the columns as an external string.

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