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Monday, 2 September 2013

Disable Bulk Mode in Informatica

By on September 02, 2013

In ETL process, first we need to know about the modes of loading data between Informatica and DAC.
We can desire the mode of load in Informatica itself in the integration part.

Types of Modes:
  • ·         Bulk Mode

  • ·         Normal Mode

Bulk Mode
If we assign the load process as Bulk Mode to load records as a mass format to increase the performance.

In Bulk mode process actually it bypasses the database log level.

It won’t create the logs in database level as well as no records will found.

If the process will get failed because of some reason in bulk mode we can’t find out what and where the error was occurred.

Bulk mode will carry out only when there is no index for the tables.So we won’t have the option of recovery of files.

Normal Mode

Normal load will write the log information to the database logs.

 It is a regular format of insert with logging details, with indexes, slower and rollback or recovery option will be available in this mode.

When the source file is a text file and loading data to a table, in such cases we should you normal load only, else the session will be failed.

 The session performance is not as high as is in the case of bulk load so in informatica, in integration service “disable db2 bulk mode” to Yes.

For reference see the below picture.

mkashu: Disable Bulk Mode in Informatica
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