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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Source Qualifier in Informatica

By on September 05, 2013

It is an active transformation which acts like a source for Informatica. 


To convert source data types to Informatica data types.

To generate SQL query (SELECT query) based on projection of ports.

Select the source qualifier SQ_EMP in the Mapping Designer.

In the Transformations menu select the edit option.

Select the Ports tab in the Edit Transformations window.

Note: The Input and Output ports for the Source Qualifier are disabled (this means the data coming to the input port and going from the output port can’t be modified). Data will just pass through without any transformation.

Now select the Properties tab.

Note: By default the tracing level is Normal.

 The tracing level is common to all the transformation logics.

To ways to edit the transformation:

Double click the Source qualifier (SQ_EMP) 
Select the edit option in the Transformation menu.

Go to the properties tab of the Edit Transformations Window and click on the drop-down button.

SQL Editor window opens up. Give ODBC data source, username and password and click the Generate SQL button.

Click on Apply and then OK.

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