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Monday, 9 September 2013

Type of Cache in Informatica

By on September 09, 2013

1. Data Cache

2. Index Cache

3. Static cache

4. Dynamic cache

5. Persistent Cache

6. Re cache (Refill Cache)

7. Shared Cache

Data Cache contains condition-satisfied data. Carries output of relationship.

Index Cache contains conditioned columns. Indexed columns are the columns on whose basis we relate the data.

Persistent Cache – To reuse the lookup table data for the next runs, it is saved in the Persistent Cache.

Suppose data is same for 2-3 runs, it is fetched from the P.Cache, instead of looking up in the Lookup DB.

Recache – To remove the existing data from the P.Cache and looks into LupDB again.

Shared Cache -

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Comment for "Type of Cache in Informatica"


    INC2 2/5/2014 12:00 2/5/2014 13:00 1 start time - end time =1 hour
    INC3 2/5/2014 12:30 2/5/2014 13:30 30 12.30 falls in above time so till one its occupied so extra time is above 1 i.e 30 mins
    INC4 2/5/2014 12:45 2/5/2014 13:00 0 start time is 12.45 it falls in window of above i.e 12.00 and end time is 1 it also falls in above end time i.e 1.30 so calculation is 0
    INC1 2/5/2014 11:00 2/5/2014 12:30 1 11 is prior to 12 so 11 am to 12 pm its 1 hour ..end time is 12.30 it falls in window of 1.30

    Assume that we start from 1st record we store the start time and end time as some variable now calculation is nothing but start time - end time .for 1st record the differnce between start time and end time is 1 hour .for second row start time is 12.30 so it falls in window of 12.00 pm ( the start variable value) and end time is 1.30 and it goes beyond 1 of previous one so we set the new end time variable as 1.30 and the difference is 30 min since the earlier case was between 12 pm to 1 pm and second case is raised at 12.30 pm and end time is 1.30 so extra time is 30 mins .same calculation goes on for rest 2 rows.

    we have id , start time and end time we have to calculate the cal column data and it should be done through sql or informatica.


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