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Monday, 9 September 2013

Update Strategy in Informatica

By on September 09, 2013

  • It is an active transformation

  • It is used to decide what type of data has to be stored in the target whether it is Insert, Update or Delete. 

  • · In PowerCenter, we set our update strategy at two different levels: 

Within a session. When we configure a session, we can instruct the PowerCenter Server to either treat all rows in the same way (for example, treat all rows as inserts), or use instructions coded into the session mapping to flag rows for different database operations. 

Within a mapping. Within a mapping, we use the Update Strategy transformation to flag rows for insert, delete, update, or reject. 

Till now we have been unknowingly using the update strategy at the Session level.

Go to the Properties tab of the Session.
Update Strategy in Informatica
Update Strategy in Informatica

The Property Treat Source rows as is INSERT by default. Other options are Delete,Update,Data Driven.

Within a Mapping, we can set flag rows for INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or REJECT.





Note: DD stands for Data Driven.

Note: When we use the update strategy (for delete or update) in a mapping,it is mandatory for the target table to have Primary keys.

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