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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Changing Port Number in OBIEE 11G

By on September 05, 2013

Changing Presentation Services Port Number in OBIEE 11G
Change the port number from 9704 to 80 for the Presentation Services.

Steps to Follow.

Step1: Login to web logic console by using the below URL



Click on servers from the left pane under Domain Structureàbifoundation_domainà environmentàServers.

In the right side pane you can see the Admin server and Bi_server1

Step 3:

Click on the second tab “Control “and Check in the “bi_server1” and click on the shutdown button to stop the services of bi_server1.

 Step 4:

Click on the bi_server1 You can see the settings for bi_server1; in general tab the listen port number will get display as 9704 and change it to 80.

Click on Save.

 Step5:  Click on Activate Changes to apply the changes.

Step6: Go back to bi_server1 and start it.

Step 7:

Here bi_server1 got started but I was not able to login into Presentation services (http://localhost:80/analytics). Here I stopped all the OBIEE 11G services

(Start –> All Programs–>Oracle Business Intelligence –> Stop BI Services) and start it again (Start –> All Programs–>Oracle Business Intelligence –> Start BI Services).

Still All OBIEE Components were down.

To start all the BI Components, I opened the command prompt and navigated to <OracleBIHome>/instances/instance1/bin
(In my case D:\obieefmw\instances\instance1\bin).

And started opmn services by running the batch file opmnctl.bat.
D:\obieefmw\instances\instance1\bin>opmnctl start all;

Now all the services got up and running and can able to login to Presentation Services, http://localhost:80/analytics (OR) http://localhost/analytics

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