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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Oracle Hyperion Planning Hardware Sizing

By on November 01, 2014

Questions below has been asked for estimating hardware sizing for oracle Hyperion Planning

hyperion planning hardware sizing questionnaire
hyperion planning hardware sizing questionnaire

Oracle Hyperion Planning Hardware sizing questionnaire:

Existing Transaction processing system (ERP/FICO application) & Version
Current Database and its Version
Current Hardware / Applications / 3rd party tools if any
How many concurrent users will be accessing Server from the office network directly?
How many users will be accessing Server from outside the office network?
Data back-up process followed and SAN Details
What is the current data base size?
Is there more than one database? (eg. Oracle, MS-SQL, Sybase etc.)
Is Data Migration of historic data a requirement and if so, how many years of data?
If Yes for above, is "JD Edwards" going to be the only source or are there any manual excels addition to the 

ERP Financials - Please specify the form of source data
For data migration, is there any fiscal year to calendar year conversion/change over involved?
What is the % growth per year of data volume?
If Hyperion Planning licenses already procured, please mention the Version and it's details
Interface to the Source/Legacy Systems is a requirement?
What is the Report Tool currently used?
Is LDAP integration a requirement
Is the Actual figures are to be derived from ERP/FICO or from any consolidation tool?
Is Planning implementation is Centralized or Decentralized

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