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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Create New Execution Plans in DAC

By on November 29, 2014

Navigate to the Execute page. In the Execution Plans tab, click on the New tab.

Enter the name Custom_R12_Financials. Check 'Full Load Always' and 'Drop/Create Indices' box. Uncheck 'Analyze' box. Click Save

Click the Subject Areas tab, click Add/Remove icon

Click Query

Enter a new query for Name = Financials%, click Go

Click 'Add All' to select all the subject areas

Click OK to return to Choose Subject Areas screen

Click OK

In the Parameter tab, click 'Generate'

Click Yes to proceed

Screen shows the progress

Click OK to set the new values for Execution plan parameters

Use the dropdown box in Value column to set the values for the parameters

Execution parameters value

SDE_ORAR12_Adaptor : SDE_ORAR12_Adaptor



DBConnection_OLAP: DataWarehouse

DBConnection_OLTP: ORA_R12

FlatFileConnection: ORA_R12_flatfile

Click Save

From Execution Plans, click Build to build to the Execution Plan.

Click OK for Selected record only

Screens shows the progress

Check both 'Enable batch mode' and 'Generate All Dependencies' box. Click OK

Once completed, click OK

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