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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Informatica Interview Questions for 3 years experience

By on November 02, 2014

This are the frequently asked questions by informatica interviewers for 3+ years above expereince person in informatica, This questions is asked in Accenture for one of my friend. 

I have a 100files of same structure, i want to extract and do transformations in middle and load it to target what is the approach?

I have a file on server and i want to extract that file and do mapping and load it and give it to vendor what is the approach and how we automate at informatica level and unixlevel?

I have a order by query at source and i have a order by query at lookup override how do you handle this situation? is there any conflict .. if so, what do you do

I have a lookup for millions of rows and buffer cache size is small what do you do??
Informatica Interview Questions for 3 years experience
Informatica Interview Questions for 3 years experience

I have 100000 records at session no commit interval is specified so at what point it commits the data?

I have table1 at oracle table2 at db2 and there are 5 records each table has table1--1,2,3,4,5 and table2--4,5,6,7,8 and i want to laod only unique records how do i do.

How can you tell that a workflow or Mapping is well tuned with out changing any thing in the any of the objects like session,workflow or mapping. on the first look

When we sort the data in ascending from the sorter transformation sending into the aggregator will increase the performance. If i change the same to descending will there is any performance change.

I have created a mapping,session for the same and workflow for the same.Now when i executed the same worflow i cannot able to see the running workflow in the monitor. why this will happen ?

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  1. Please post the answers for the above questions

  2. Q1.the default commit intravel valus is 10000 , once 10000 records are affected in target table its automatically start his commit process. we can alter this value incress or decress : for example : we can change 10000 to 50000 or 10000 to 2000

    Q2.we can do many more approch to solve this problm ,
    i need all uniqu rec ont tgt,another rec are load another tgt
    this time we do in the exp tran create 3 variable port ,one output port
    v_curr_id = id
    v_flag = iif( v_curr_id = v_pre_id , v_flag+1 ,1);
    v_pre_id = id
    o_flag = (v_flag)

    and create one router trans two group
    1st grp condition = o_flag =1-------uniq rec
    2nd group condition = o_flag>1 ------dup rec

    q3.using debugging option in mapping design

    q4. not enough to connect repository to IS folder

  3. i need this type of interview question more ,
    please verify my answere and replay me
    my email id :sivariddle@gmail.com

  4. Need still more interesting questions for the SQl topics if you could sharing it it would be helpful.

    oracle sql interview questions on joins


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