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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Informatica - use of PMCMD command in Informatica

By on August 24, 2013

PMCMD Means “Power Mart Command” Prompt use to perform the tasks for informatica functions using in a commendable view not as a graphical user view.

PMCMD is program command utility to communicate with the informatica servers.
Comparing pmcmd with other commands, as for example if we use sql command in a command prompt which acts in a request , commands given in a prompt as execute the result in the prompt mode. Same as that pmcmd used to communicate with the informatica server like “to start and stop the services”.

Start and stop services of informatica.

Start and Stop Batches and sessions.

Recovery Sessions.

Start workflows.

Start workflow from a specific task.

Stop Abort workflows and Sessions.

Schedule the workflows.

Scheduling the sessions and run the sessions using commands.

PMCMD which initialize the informatica workflows and batch files to execute the mappings and more.
It checks the status of the informatica services whether it’s working or not.

Location of PMCMD,

<Installed Drive>\Informatica\server\bin\pmcmd


pmcmd command_name [-option1] argument_1 [-option2] argument_2
Some of the commands used in informatica:
pmcmd>connect -sv Service -d domain -u username -p password
pmcmd>startworkflow -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>getworkflowdetails -f 'folder' -rin workflow
pmcmd>gettaskdetails -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd>stoptask -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd> getsessionstatistics -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd> scheduleworkflow -f 'folder' workflow
pmcmd> unscheduleworkflow -f 'folder' workflow

pmcmd> disconnect -sv Service -d domain -u username -p password

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