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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

OBIEE -Hardware Sizing Questionnaire OF OBIEE 11G

By on August 28, 2013

Sizing a Business Intelligence System involves knowing the nature and architecture of the system. These architectures have been broadly classified as Enterprise Data Warehouses, Data Marts and Extraction Engines [ETL].

Business Intelligence Architectures

1.Estimate the size of the Production Data Warehouse database

2.Estimate the rate of your database growth (i.e. 10% per year)

3.Estimate the update characteristics of the production database

Data Mart Requirements 

1.Estimate the size of the raw (source) data for the Data Mart

2.Estimate the size of the Production Data Mart database

3.Estimate the rate of your database growth (i.e. 10% per year)

4.Estimate the update characteristics of the production database

5.Estimate the rate of concurrent user base growth

ETL [Extraction, Transformation and Load] Requirements

1.Indicate what ETL Tool will be used

2.What is the source of data extraction [Oracle, DB2, IMS, SQL Server, Flat files etc.]?

3.What is the Hardware platform on which the source databases and applications run on?

4.Estimate the data extraction characteristics

5.Will extracts be required from Legacy system audit logs?

6.Will data be presented to load/cleansing programs using fixed length records, CSV or any other means?

7.Indicate the method by which data will be input into the Data Warehouse

8.Estimate the data insertion [into Data Warehouse] characteristics

Existing Infrastructure 

1.Server platform with hardware and operating system details

2.Please specfiy any ETL tool that is getting used at present with product name and it's   details

3.Existing DBMS platform

4.Security Assigned

Backup/Restore Requirements

1.Backup strategy (Enterprise level, etc.):

2.Is an on-line backup of the production system required? (Y/N)

3.Available backup window in hours:

4.Maximum restore time in hours:

OBIEE Database

1.What version of OBIEE will you be using?

2.What DB and version will be used for this workload?

3.Will unicode be used?

4.Specify the size of your OLAP database.

5.Specify the size of the source OLTP database.

6.Specify the percentage of OLTP DB that will be imported into your OLAP DB.

7.How many periods of growth should be planned for?

8.Specify the periodic oltp data growth percentage you want to plan for.

OBIEE User Profile

1.Number of licensed users.

2.Number of active users.

3.Number of inactive users.

4.Total number of users.

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