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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Oracle EPM System

By on August 24, 2013

EPM  System Stands for Enterprise Performance Management system.

EPM goal is to reach the organizations Needs.

Organizations needs are standardize, computerize and incorporate their management process, by implementing the right software solutions to achieve the performance.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business applications can be used to regulate the operational method.

EPM brings the various data sources types and these are regulated, optimized by the business applications tools to the end user or organization to make decision support system for management regulation progression.


Oracle’s EPM include a suite of performance management applications, a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) applications and a variety of Data sources. All are integrated using Oracle Fusion Middleware. Easy to utilize, easy to handle, comprehensive and flexible in cost as well as in deploying.

Oracle’s EPM system to define their policy strategy and objectives. It delivers the best decisions to drive the plans of the organization.

Oracle’s EPM enhance the development and involve in financial reports and banking background reports, more on to the end users to make the organization decision support system.

Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle fusion middleware integrates with multiple data sources to develop more dashboards, reports and analysis.

A Pre-Built Oracle business intelligence applications’ give more strategy to the organization for decision support system. These application analyses the sales and marketing for finance, human resource, order management, supply chain services, OOTB (Out- Of–The-Box) functions.

OBIA is very efficient and useful to make the organization management development in a successful way. Easily they can make a decision support system according to the OBIA applications. It leads to the benefit of rapid deployment, reduced cost and built in practices of BI applications.

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a broad family of products that ranges from application development tools and data integration solutions to master data management, identity management, association, workflow, make safe search, and data warehousing technology. It provides the critical software foundation   need to ensure corporate growth, insight, and organize. You can control your investment in Oracle or any other vendor to make better decisions, secure sensitive information, simplify compliance initiatives, and moderate risk.

Oracle Business Intelligence foundation gives managers timely, perfect financial and working results for improved intelligibility, visibility, and decision-making. With an easy-to-learn-and-use environment for self-service reporting and analysis.

Oracle Business Intelligence  implements any type of reporting and analysis requirement, dashboards to structure a financial report, ad hoc queries, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing). It gives the accurate information, very less time, meaningful of business strategy.

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