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Sunday, 25 August 2013

DAC - Siebel Unicode DB

By on August 25, 2013

A single occurrence of Siebel Unicode Applications can be used for universal deployment. This allows a global company, with divisions in different countries with different languages.

Logically it examines the db design, Siebel docs figure out which tables designed to store language specific (local language) data, Some column (country code) in these tables to tell you which country data is from and determine correct character set for data from each country.

In past Siebel applications needs the code page for single instances, for example if we have the organization information in the language of Spanish , the Siebel application we have to deploy in the Spanish language  so for all different language we have deploy the Siebel applications.

Now a day’s Siebel Unicode deployment is used for all the languages as universal.

Two Unicode Deployments modes are
ü  Unicode Siebel Server with Unicode database.
ü  Unicode Siebel Server with traditional code page database.

For both of these deployment modes, integration of Siebel Applications with external
Applications may involve data duplication or data sharing or both. If the code page database is used, then data replication should be allowed only if the code page of the external system matches that of the Siebel Database.

When data is exchanged between applications using different code pages, each character’s code point (numeric representation) must be renewed from the regular used by the source code page into the equivalent used by the destination code page.

While on conversion of the codes does not find the appropriate matching code it will result in a code error.

Some of the Unicode protocols are responsible for the code conversion of the characters set. Automatically it takes the conversion process, from the original code language to destination code language.

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