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Sunday, 25 August 2013

OBIEE - Overview of Agent in OBIEE

By on August 25, 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

Delivers is the automated process in the oracle business intelligence to deliver the reports, dashboards and more to the specified delivery devices. It’s a type of scheduling the delivery of the content over the period of time to mail, mobile, pager by wireless.

Overview of Agent:

1.      General

Set the priority level for this Agent as well as options for impersonating a different user at runtime.

Priority Options

a.       Low
b.      Normal     
c.       High

Run as

a.       Recipient
b.      Specified user

2.      Schedule

Running the agent @ the specified time

a.                   Never
b.                  Once
c.                   Daily
d.                  Weekly
e.                   Monthly

·         Starting time is used to run the agent @ particular time scheduling

·         Rerun the every agent for 1 minute or any time

·         The agent can run anytime until we note the end time

3.      Condition

Use a condition to specify whether the Agent delivers its content and runs associated actions.
Without condition also we can configure the Agents.
Use a create condition for analysis and kpi, browse the analysis

       4. Delivery Content

To specify the content dashboard, analysis that agent agent need to send.
Subject: Give the name

Content: Dashboard or Analysis or Briefing Book, then browse for the particular one.
Format: PDF and HTML

Delivery: As attachment or as text.

If condition is false, deliver the manual message

5.      Recipients

Specifying who will receive the Message or dashboard or analysis
Select recipient users, mail address by using comma can add to more email users.

6.      Destination

For a specified device the content will get deliver
User destinations: Home page and Dashboard
Devices: email or pager or mobile or etc...

7.      Actions
Specify any actions to invoke when the Agent completes.
Agent Condition True or No Condition Exists
Agent Condition is False

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Comment for "OBIEE - Overview of Agent in OBIEE"


  1. I am pretty new to OBIEE. When we create a new agent and trying to run, getting the below error message. Could you please let us know what is the cause of the issue.

    AgentID: /shared/2015/eLeadOne/eLead Agent
    [nQSError: 75027] Failed to open connection to SMTP Server (host localhost; port 25). AgentID: /shared/2015/eLeadOne/eLead Agent
    ...Trying SMTP Delivery loop again... Sleeping for 9 seconds. AgentID: /shared/2015/eLeadOne/eLead Agent

  2. can you please help me on this?
    I have created a Agent it was working fine know if I try to edit that agent it takes long time to open can I know what is reason.


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