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Monday, 26 August 2013

OBIEE - Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Console in OBIEE 10G

By on August 26, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)/Console in OBIEE 10g

OC4jadmin will act as oracle enterprise manager (EM) and as well as console in 10 g.

In 11g we have the oracle enterprise manager (EM) and console will act as separate as web logic domain.

In 11g we have the options start, restart and stop of OBIEE core application services and its status.

In 10g we have the option as OC4jadmin to start the service and oracle BI server services, Oracle BI 
Presentation services and Oracle BI java host services separately.

But we can see the status, start and stop of services through “Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g” and even we can have the option of creating users using security for application server control in Enterprise Manager in 10g.

How to go for Oracle Enterprise Manager in 10g:

Type in your browser address place http://localhost:9704/em

Login username : oc4jadmin
Password: oc4jadmin

Important: If you can’t login to this page, the credentials will not map so we have to configure the “xmlp-server-config.xml”

Configuring server file:

Go to the location of 10g installed drive “..\ OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\ xmlp-server-config.xml”

Edit the “xmlp-server-config.xml” file, go to the line

 “<property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="BI_SERVER" />
and change the value to ‘XDO’

“<property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="XDO" />” and save it.

Restart the OC4jadmin service.

Then login to the EM as per the credentials.

After login we have 5 tabs of options in oracle enterprise manager – Application server control

Home -- Status


About the services of java components deployed to the oc4jadmin instance.

Web services:



In this we have the security,  java properties, enterprise messaging services, Bean services.

Under security Provider the options and list of security type will shows.

·     Instance Level Security

·     Application server control security

·    Application level security

Even we can create users, groups, Roles Using the realms

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