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Monday, 26 August 2013

Informatica - Source Independent Load (SIL)

By on August 26, 2013

Source Independent Load (SIL)

Source Independent Load (SIL) mappings – extracts and transforms data from the Staging tables and loads to the data warehouse target tables. 

SIL mappings are designed to be universal with any source.

SIL_* - we can find two SIL_* and SIL_*_FULL workflows in the Workflow Manager. 

There is two form of source independent load will work one is according to the full load of extraction and the other is incremental load of extraction and load from the staging tables to target tables.

SIL_* will load full load when there is no index, it loads the data from data source Staging tables to target tables of data warehouse using ETL process as DAC.

During a full load the workflow (SIL_*_Full) will be invoked from DAC and the target table is truncate ,indexes are dropped ,data is loaded in 'Bulk' mode and then the indexes are rebuild.

During incremental load, the workflow (SIL_*) will be invoked which would just insert/update the incremental data.

Since the amount of data during incremental load is minimal compared to full load this would run in 'Normal' mode. 

If indexes are present on a table "BULK" mode does not work.

Work Flow of SIL:

 In Informatica you can see the mappings of source independent load (SIL), for your reference see the below picture.

mkashu: Informatica - Source Independent Load (SIL)
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