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Saturday, 24 August 2013

OverrideMpltVarWithMapVar in Informatica

By on August 24, 2013


In informatica integration service under custom properties tab “overrideMpltVarWithMapVar” variable is assigned to one value such as ‘Yes’. This parameter is used to initialize and relates the mapplets between the DAC and informatica.

In DAC every Source tables and Target are linked by these mapplets which has the functionality inside the container. If the variable is not assigned in the informatica integration service, the mapplets will throw errors when extracting and loading data from source to target. In execute plans the extract and load process will get failed if the mapplets parameter not assigned.

Mapplets parameters will assign and contact from informatica to DAC to do the ETL process.

We can assign the parameter and its value in informatica serveràintegration service.

Just see below diagram,

mkashu: OverrideMpltVarWithMapVar in Informatica
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