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Monday, 26 August 2013

OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

By on August 26, 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

Delivers is the automated process in the oracle business intelligence to deliver the reports, dashboards and more to the specified delivery devices. It’s a type of scheduling the delivery of the content over the period of time to mail, mobile, pager by wireless.

·                     Delivery Devices
·                     Delivery Profiles
·                     Agent
·                     Alerts

Delivery Devices

      Delivery Devices, where the report has to schedule and deliver the contents to the devices such as,

·                                 Web browser
·                                 Email
·                                 Pager
·                                 Digital cell phone
·                                 Wireless PDA
·                                 Any other device capable of handling standards-based communication

Delivery Profiles

      It defines the user to determine which devices should receive the delivery contents.
Profiles specify which device to use based on the priority of the content being delivered.

      Agents used to access, filter, and perform analysis on data. Agents are event based and scheduling tasks to deliver the content based on the profiles and devices. It dynamically detects the problems and status.


Alerts are triggered according to the conditions that are configured in Agent.
If an alert is generated, the Alerts! Link appears at the top of the Dashboard page.

A specific Alerts section can be added to any dashboard page, and an Alerts section then appears automatically on the first page Dashboard.

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