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Friday, 23 August 2013

DAC - Assmeble in Datawarehouse Administrator Console (DAC)

By on August 23, 2013

ü  In Design view only, Assembles a subject area, with dimension and related tables as well as tasks.

ü  After Importing and exporting the applications such as source system containers, assigning the logical, run time, system.

ü  In the task we can see the list of tables was imported, if we need to exclude some tables we can assign and then we can assemble.

ü  Create the tasks and Identify Dependent and Depending on tables manually when creating a task.

ü  Construct a Table Group where one had to figure out all tables the fact and related dimensions

ü  And then at last build the Subject Area.

ü  You don’t have to identify Dependent and Depending on tables. There is a synchronization feature which automatically identifies all the sources and targets which are affected/dependent on a task.

ü  The concept of a Table Group is dead. You just have to name the fact to be populated and click on the Assemble button.

ü  The DAC assembles the selected subject area by determining what dimensions and other related tables are required, and what tasks are needed to load these tables.

ü  You will receive an informational message when the assemble process is completed

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