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Saturday, 24 August 2013

OBIEE Products and Components

By on August 24, 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is one of the oracle product which is the intelligence platform for decision support management system. It supports and delivers wide range of analytics and reporting capabilities.

OBIEE components are
·         Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard
·         Oracle BI Answers
·         Oracle BI Publisher
·         Oracle BI Delivers
·         Oracle BI Server
·         Oracle BI Office
·         Oracle BI Mobile
·         Ad Hoc Queries
Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard
BI Interactive dashboard is a component and part of BI presentation layer , which is used to show or to display the combination of compound layouts like pivot table, charts, prompts, links, alerts, gauges, funnels, narrative contents in a different view and column selector.
A combination of all these are represent as a dashboard with more sections and columns.

Oracle BI Answers
Bi Answers Provides the information about the sales or revenue by querying large amount of data into consolidated one by using the logical columns, measure columns from rpd admin tool.

It use to display the drill down of the values and data’s to know more consolidated detail level of information’s.  In BI answers we can have the combination of pivot table, charts, view and column selector, selection steps for calculations.

It named as “Analysis” or “Request” from the various data source and grouped in to one to view more detailed level of the management system process.

Oracle BI Publisher
BI Publisher separates the creation of data from the process of formatting it for different uses. The engine can format any well-formed XML data, allowing integration with any system that can generate XML, including Web Services or any data source available through JDBC. BI Publisher can merge multiple data sources into a single output document.
Oracle BI Publisher is the reporting solution to author, manage, and deliver all your reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. Use your web browser to create everything from pixel-perfect customer facing documents to interactive management reports against practically any data source. View reports online or schedule them and deliver tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems.

Oracle BI Delivers
Oracle BI Delivers is an alert of answer side like Dashboards, reports to the particular or group of users. It delivers the report or dashboard to the email, pager, mobile, fax by the particular tile of alerts to the email of the users through wireless, web, mobile and other voice communications’. In 10 G they named as IBOTS and in 11 G named as AGENTS which are configured and submitted for execution using delivers. Scheduler is an extensible function and server to manage and schedules the jobs using job manager. Bots can execute based on a specified schedule. You can classify a starting date and time for the iBots, a repetition plan or schedule of reports and an ending date and time.

Oracle BI Server
Oracle BI Server is the core application server behind Oracle Business Intelligence. It is a requesting, query and reporting, analysis for the oracle business intelligence services and for all its other components such as dashboard, Answers, RPD, analysis, request and analytic applications. Intelligently accesses multiple physical data sources, generates SQL to query data in the data sources, and then structures the results to satisfy the requests. Oracle Bi server allows multiple data sources to query the information from the data sources for access to group of members in dashboards, web applications.

 Oracle BI Office
Oracle BI Office integrates with Oracle Business Intelligence reports by using bi office add-ins  through web browser to analyze the bi reports in excel and as well as power point. It can easily deploy, analyze, and insert the bi reports in ms office objects to ensure the bi data and its all views. Bi reports in excel and power point access the obiee objects such as views like table view, chart views, pivot table view. Upgraded Oracle Bi office resembles the new view like gauge and funnel view also. Inserting BI Charts, tables, pivot tables and all objectives and also the column properties in a secure and refreshable format.

Oracle BI Mobile
Business intelligence components can access in the mobile device without changing the required designs. New or existing Bi contents to make the business intelligence as easy to access and use by any customers. Organization can make the increase in use of business intelligence with sensitive and easy to use mobile BI application. Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile for Apple iPod & I phone is a mobile analytics app that allows you to view, analyze and act on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g content

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