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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Top 50 BI Publisher Interview Questions

By on June 19, 2014

I have attended OBIEE interview in some companies, Interviewer use to focus on OBIEE publisher reports also. I decided to post some of the BI publisher interview questions for my reference.

1 What is BI Publisher? 
2 What security mechanisms does BI Publisher allow?
3 How does the Oracle XML Publisher Core engine gets invoked?
4 What is the difference between xml publisher and BI Publisher?
5 How do you display the company logo on the report output?
6 What are top 3 abilities/skills for BI publisher?
7 Do you have any information about the position of BI publisher?
8 What are the various sections in the data template?
9 What are the various components required for developing a BI publisher report?
10 How do you pass parameters to your report?
11 How can you integrate BI Publisher to an oracle portal or some other portal software?
12 What are KRAs/outputs of position: BI publisher?
13 But aren’t Oracle Reports going away?
14 Is BI Publisher included with Oracle EBS R12?
15 Freeze report column headers
16 What will happen to my existing Oracle Reports?
17 Do you need to write multiple layout templates for each output type like html/pdf?
18 Name some business use cases for BI reports?
19 Where do you register data and layout templates?
20 Do you know if an HTML page break will transfer to excel when report is exported/printed to excel?
21 Where is the trigger code written?
22 What are knowledge/skills you have learned for BI publisher?
23 What is the required installation for using BI Pub report?
24 How to Modify Existing Seeded Templates Using XML Publisher
25 what is the file supporting the translation for a layout template?
26 How does the concurrent program submitted by the user knows about the datatemplate or layout template it should be using for generating the output?
27 How to evaluate your position: BI publisher’s performance?
28 What is the default output format of the report?
29 What does lexical section contain?
30 Is it true that BI Publisher in R12 allows me to deliver reports from Oracle EBS?
31 Please tell me the reasons that made you choose to apply to BI publisher?
32 Column heights in HTML/excel mode are too big even when the cells do not contain enough data. Can you apply autofit to contents?
33 What is the tool to map required data output and layout templates so that they can be tested in local machine?
34 What are the output formats supported by layout template?
35 How do I access BI Publisher reports using URL?
36 How do you create sub reports in BI Publisher?
37 What is a datatemplate?
38 I want to create a report output in 10 languages, do I have to create 10 layout templates?
39 What are key tasks for BI publisher?
40 Is BI Publisher integrated with Oracle Apps?
41 Can you have multiple layout templates for a singe data template?
42 What is a layout template?
43 What roles do we need to have for creating reports in BI Publisher?
44 Can BI publisher reports be used in OAF pages?
45 Which component is responsible for generating the output in xml format before applying it to layout template?
46 How are BI Publisher generated reports different from standard Oracle reports?
47 How do you move your layout or data template across instances?
48 What triggers are supported in Data template?
49 What are the different flavors of Oracle BI Publisher available?
50 What tertiary specifications have you got for BI publisher?

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