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Friday, 20 June 2014

Action Links and Actions in OBIEE 11g

By on June 20, 2014

Action links will help us to provide guided navigation link to external web agent and revoke web service

Web service: A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the web.

Enabling BI Navigation:

· Add on inline Action link to a column in an analysis which navigates to another analysis in Oracle BI.

· After testing the inline action link and saving the analysis you save the action link as named Action link in the presentation catalog.

Add an Action link to analysis:

· Notice you also have an option to replace the current action in the action link with a reference to named action, so that any sub sequent changes to named.

Hands On:

· Create the following analysis:

· Company, Brand, Revenue and save this as " Revenue by Company"

· With the help of Action links, We can navigate to other BI component (Analytics or Dashboard page)

· Open Revenue by company report and go to Criteria tab.

· From company column click on column properties.

· Select interaction tab and select "Action Links" as value from value section. Click on add action link(+).

· you can either create new action or select existing action.

· Click on create new action.

· click on select Navigate to BI component.

· Select on any report you saved earlier.

· Click on OK and Click on Ok (We can save that Action link Click on More >>).

· If you want you can add one more action link, you can also specify the option to display "Always" or "Conditionally".

· Clickon results and save the analysis.

· Click on any value for company column, you should be able to see pop up of links.

· Select any one of action link and you should be able to navigate to any one of the content.

· Note: At the time of defining action links you have an option whether to display action link always or conditionally. If you specify a condition for the target BI content and if it retrieves at least one record then only the action link will appear in the column value of the report.

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