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Friday, 20 June 2014

Agents in obiee 11g

By on June 20, 2014

In 10g, agents were called as OBI Delivers. In OBIEE 10g, before configuring Delivers, we have to run and execute some predefined tables from the system defined schemas. They are S_NQ_JOB, JOB_PARAM, INSTANCE< ERROR_MSG.

What is seeding of Cache:

1. Create an agent by logging in as web logic user.

2. Select report1 as delivery content.

3. Add user1 to have access on this Alert.

4. Save the agent(Just run it).

5. Now login as user1 to analytics.

6. Check if alerts are displaying or not.

7. User1 should be able to see alert and with in that user1 should be able to see data.

8. Note: User1 can see that alert only when user1 is logged into analytics atleast once.


1. Assume that user1 doesn't have access to report1. Examine what will happen with the alerts.

2. Assume that user have created an agent with sample report but the connection pool defined in repository is incorrect or it may also be a scenario that this sample report is not built on the current repository which is not online.


1. Agents allow you to automate Business process through a scheduler.

· Deliver analytics to people via email.

· Check for events and do something based on them.

· Clear alerts.

· Call a business process based on changes in your data.

2.Deliver content through wide range of delivers (Email, pager, etc..,)

3. These were called as IBOTS in OBIEE10g.

4.By default, alerts will be displayed in "MY DASHBOARD" of the user.


· A notification delivered by an agent, delivering personalized and actionable content.

· By default, it appears on MY DASHBOARD page

· Default location of alert messages can be moved or replicated on other pages.

· Message also appear on global header area, alerts section of home page.

· Can be sent to other devices (Phones, email etc..,)

Components of Alerts:

1. An agent is made up of several components.

2.The schedule that the agent runs to(Can be set immediate)

3. An optional condition(named/inline) to determine whether agent completes.

4. An analysis that is to be distributed.

Actions that can be automatically executed depending on the connection.

Agent components defined using the agent editor.

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