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Saturday, 21 June 2014

OBIEE Repository Creation Utility Installation (RCU)

By on June 21, 2014

Repository Creation Utility Installation:

1. We don’t have a 64 bit RCU. For both 32 bit and 64 bit OBIEE software we have to install RCU 32 bit only.

2. Extract the RCU zipped file to a folder first.

3. Repository creation utility (RCU) is a common utility used for creating repository schemas for entire Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

4. This utility is now used to create all the supporting database schemas required by Oracle Fusion Middleware.

5. By installing RCU, we will get all the schemas like usage tracking tables, Job manager tables (Delivers), Balanced Scorecard, BIPublisher tables etc.., in the database.

6. To install RCU go to the following path:

RCU(Extracted folder)\RCU Home\BIN\rcu.bat

7. Double click on the rcu.bat file from the above path

8. Then a welcome window will appear.

9. Click on Next from the welcome screen.

10. Select Create and Click on Next.

11. In the Next screen we have to provide database information as following:

Host Name: Local host

Port Number: 1521

Service Name/ Connection String: ORCL (TNS Listener Name)

Database Admin user: SYS (By default it will change the dba as sysdba)

Password: Provide the password of the Database User

12. Click on Next. (If any errors occurred do the required changes)

13. Then from the next window, Select (√) Oracle Business Intelligence, then it will automatically select the metadata services also.

14. Provide the prefix name as DEV (By default it will have the same).

15. In the next window, select schema passwords are same for all schemas, Click on Next.

16. It will automatically create table spaces. Click on Next.

17. Click on Create, then it will take some time(Seconds) and it will create the schemas.

18. Then look at the summary and click on close.

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