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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Master detail linking in obiee 11g

By on June 21, 2014

1. This is an extension of drilldown, Navigation.

2. So as we drill down the master, the remaining views criteria will also change depending on master.

3. "Master - detail linking" is a new type of interaction capability, extending the existing OBIEE 10g interactivity features of drill down and navigation.

4. Master detail linking allows you to click on a "Master" view to dynamically update one or more "Detail" views within the same analysis or dashboard page.

Hands On:

1. Build an analysis with following columns: Orders hierarchy, brand, per name year, revenue

2. For per name year click on more options and select column properties. Go to interaction tab, from value section, select "Master Detail Event" for the drop down of primary interaction.

3. If specify channel enter the name "Per Name Year"(It is case sensitive),(what ever name you provide here, the same name has to be provided in detailed view).

4. Click on Results.

5. Click on "New View" -->Graph --> Bar--> Vertical.

6. For the graph click on edit view, set layout as follows:

7. Under sections add Per name Year and enable the display as slider check box, add Revenue under Measures and add Brand under Groupby section.

8. Click on Edit graph properties.

9. Select listen to master detail event and provide same name you provided in master view.

10. Click on OK,Click on done.

11. Click on "Show how results look on a dashboard".

12. From master view (Pivot table) click on Per Name Year column heading and notice automatically detail view also changing.

13. Select "2009"HY2" from pivot table and notice that the slider in detailed view adjusted automatically.


1. In all the views (Master,detailed) you need to have the same column which you are identifying as a master detail event.

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  1. Can you make a graph a master view and once you click on the a bar on the graph it drills to the details?


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