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Saturday, 7 June 2014

scorecard in obiee 11g Steps

By on June 07, 2014

These are useful to organize KPI’s into hierarchy or strategies.


Go to new --> score card --> name: REV quantity score card --> new objective --> name: revenue & quantity --> save --> from catalog drag and drop revenue KPI & quantity KPI into objectives & KPI’s--> select revenue & quantity objective --> click on strategy tree --> observe output.

Action link:

Step1: create a table with columns companyname,revenue and insert some records

Step2:import table into RPD

Step 3: develop a report with columns companyname,revenue

Step4: in above report click on companyname ->column properties->intraction->under values select Action link-->c.on Add action links-->create new action links-->navigate to webpage-->type URL:http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ORCL -->define parameters-->under values c.on DropDown-->

Select column value--> select companyname in dropdown-->ok-->ok-->results-->

Click on QCOM-->click on Link-->click on Execute-->observe O/P

ID column:

Step1: configure RPD-->open RPD in ONLINE-->Expand products logical table-->double click on products logical column-->click on Descriptior ID column SET-->select product number-->ok-->ok-->check in changes.

Step2: develop a report with columns products,revenue and click on products filter-->select ‘isprompted’-->save

Step3:creating dashboard prompt

New dashboard prompt-->samplesaleslite-->click on column prompt-->select product-->ok-->expand options-->select Enable user to select by code column-->ok-->save

Step4:integrating into dashboard-->drag and drop IDPROMT & IDreport--> save-->RUN-->select V5x_flipphone-->click on Apply-->see result.

mkashu: scorecard in obiee 11g Steps
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