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Saturday, 7 June 2014

OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux

By on June 07, 2014

Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications:

Create a folder /OBIA_RCU_LOG and give all global permission to it.
Copy .dmp files from /Softwares/OBIA11.1.7.1/OBIA_RCU/rcu/integration/biapps/schema
To /OBIA_Schemas having global write access (RCU writes log files to this directory.)

Creating Schemas Using Business Analytics Applications Suite RCU:
$ su oracle (run with oracle user as permissions are not available for others)
$cd /Softwares/OBIA11.1.7.1/OBIA_RCU/bin

Password: Admin123

Click on Manage Tablespaces and modify existing tablespace values as below:
Ø  DEV_DW_DATA Size: 20 GB | Maximum Size: Unlimited
Ø  DEV _DW_IDX Size: GB | Maximum Size: Unlimited
Ø  DEV_DW_STG Size: 10 GB | Maximum Size: Unlimited
Ø  DEV_DW_TEMP Size: 15 GB | Maximum Size: Unlimited

Business Analytics Applications installation as shown below:
Run with new_obiee11g user
chown -R new_obiee11g:dba /BI/obiee11g_home
$cd /Softwares/OBIA11.1.7.1/biappsshiphome/Disk1  
$ ./runInstaller -jreLoc /BI/obiee11ghome/Oracle_BI1/jdk

Applying Platform Patches

Change values for file /BI/Obiee11GHome/Oracle_BI1/biapps/tools/bin/apply_patches_import.txt as below:

# Required - Inventory Location
# Required - An existing writable directory to create logs and temp patch files
# Required - Path of patch directory till the release patch-set folder which is inside patches4fa/dist.
# i;e the patch-set folder for a particular release to apply patch from
# eg; /scratch/aime/tmp/ps1/biappsshiphome/patches4fa/dist/ps6rc3
Run the below script:
perl /BI/ OBIEE11GHome/Oracle_BI1/biapps/tools/bin/APPLY_PATCHES.pl 

Installing Fusion Middleware Patches :
$cd /BI/OBIEE11GHome/Oracle_BI1/bin
$ ./configApps.sh

/BI/obiee11ghome /Oracle_BI1
/BI/obiee11ghome /wlserver_10.3
/BI/obiee11ghome /user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain
/BI/obiee11ghome /instances/instance1

Password: Admin123

Username: OBIA11G
Password: Admin123

Password: Admin123

Password: obiee

Upgrading Weblogic to 10.3.6:
Download patch p13529623_1036_Generic from oracle metalink.
Follow the below document for the installation:

Generating Security Files for ODI Studio
1.   Copy cwallet.sso and jps-config-jse.xml from:

2.   Edit <ODI_Home>/oracledi/client/odi/bin/odi.conf by updating the JPS configuration file name as follows:
AddVMOption -Doracle.security.jps.config=./jps-config-jse.xml

Update BIACOMP schema with ATGLite Patch scripts:
Connect BIACOMP schemas and run below script located script

Installing Oracle BI Applications Load Plan Generator Plug-In:

The ZIP file is installed in the Oracle Home for BI directory, at <BI_Oracle_ Home>/clients/biappsclients/odi/OBIA_LPG_Plugin.zip.
Follow the instructions in the Readme file to extract the ZIP file and deploy the jar files.

Connect to ODI with creating connection as below:
$ cd /BI/OBIEE11GHome/Oracle_ODI1/oracledi/client/odi.sh

Follow below link for the instructions:


OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux

OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux

OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux
Click on Create

OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux

OBIA Installation and configuration in Linux

Upgrading weblogic to 10.3.6
Follow below Doc:

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