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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Load rpd by using MBean browser in OBIEE 11g

By on June 21, 2014

· Login to Enterprise manager.

· From selection pane expand web logic domain.

· Right click on BI_FOUNDATION_DOMAIN, select system MBean browser.

· Expand Application defined MBEANS

· Expand Oracle.biee.Admin-->D

· Domain:BiFound_Domain

· BIDomain.

· Select operations tab-->lock(invoke)

· Now to upload rpd --> application defined mbeans --> oracle.biee.Admin

· BIDomain.BIInstance.server configuration -->BI Domain.BI Instanceserver configuration bean.

· In right pane select operations tab--> upload rpd-->provide paths, rpd name, password and click on invoke.

· Expand oracle.biee.local -->server:Adminserver -->Domain configproxy-->select attributes tab--> click on datazipfile version.

· Now go to the above path.

· Go to operations tab make sure the name of rpd is loaded let the default be and don't make manipulations.

· Oracle.biee.Admin -->BI:domain -->BI:Domain(first option).

· Select operations tab--> Commit -->enter value as "ERROR" in parameters and select Invoke.

· Expand as Oracle as Management.MBeans.OPMN select opmn in operations tab select stop (18) and then select (8) start.

· Then the system services will restarts.

mkashu: Load rpd by using MBean browser in OBIEE 11g
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