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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Step by Step Installation of OBIEE 11g

By on June 21, 2014

1.   Download all the disks (5 disks) from Oracle website.

2.   Unzip all the 5 disks to a single folder and name it as OBIEE11g

3.   Open the Disk1 and Double click on the setup.exe file, then OUI will get open.

4.   After that a Welcome screen will appear.

5.   Click on Next.

6.   Here you have to select which type of Installation you required:
1.   Simple Install
2.   Enterprise Install
3.   Software Only

7.   If we select simple Install, it is just useful for training and it contains very minimal number of steps for installation.

8.   If we select Enterprise Install, it is useful for deployment in production environment; it will have customized ports and Oracle homes. It will be used for horizontal scale out.

9.   If we select Software only, Just it copies the software and we need to manually install the software one after another. We need to download and install JDK manually. There are two JDKs, One is Oracle JDK and another one is JROCK. One is used for installing Installer of Web logic and the other one is used for installing the Installer of OBIEE.

10.          Once you select Simple Install, click on Next.

11.          Make sure that all the prerequisite checks are successfully completed as follows:


Check Physical Memory                          

12.           Click on Next and specify the installation location.
       (for example C:\Oracle\BIHome)

13.          Click on Next.

14.          Provide your own Administrator name and Password (In OBIEE 10g we don’t have this option, by default the system will take Administrator as Administrator)

      For example

                Username              : Kashif
                Password               : **********
                Conform Password : **********

15.           Click on Next and select the Components that you would like to configure as a part of installation process.

16.          Click on Next.

17.          Provide the database details along with BIPLATFORM schema details                  

18.     Click on Next.

19.     In this screen you deselect the option "Not to receive any security updates".

20.  Click on Next.

21. This is a summary page. If we would like to save all the input values that we       have given in previous steps, we can do so by clicking the save button.

22. This file is a response file and can be used for silent installation.

23.   Silent Installation: you can perform silent install from command prompt by providing the response file as an input and the installer will not ask you to input any values and it will automatically picks from response file. It will mainly helpful when DBAs or System Administrators are doing OBIEE11g installation.

24.  Click on Install.
25.Here we can see the installation is process. It will takes approximately 45 min to 1Hr to complete the installation.

26.     Once installation completed, Click on finish.

27.    Then the configuration process will start. This configuration will take approximately  45 minutes.

28.    After successful installation click on Finish.

29.   Now both the installation and configuration of OBIEE11g is completed.

30.  Now copy and paste the two TNS names&sqlnetfiles from the following paths
<Installed drive>\Oracle_ Software\Products\11.2.0\dbhome_1\Network\Admin.
<Installed Drive>\BI Home\Oracle_BI1\network\Admin.

1.    Now we can see what are the components  installed with the OBIEE 11g from the following path:
2.   Start --> Programs --> Oracle Business Intelligence -->
                                                                                                                                         i.    BI Administration
                                                                                                                                        ii.    BI Administration Help file
                                                                                                                                       iii.    Catalog Manager
                                                                                                                                      iv.    Deinstall
                                                                                                                                        v.    Job Manager
                                                                                                                                      vi.    Start BI Services
                                                                                                                                     vii.    Stop BI Services.

31.    If we observe, we can found that Only one folder will be created with all the  OBIEE 11g components including BI Server and Presentation Server components, Where as in OBIEE10g we have Oracle BI and Oracle BI Data folders.

32.     One more change is We cannot find any Oracle BI services under Windows services like
                   I.        Oracle BI Server
                 II.        Oracle BI Presentation services
               III.        Oracle BI Scheduler
                IV.        Java host
                  V.        Cluster controller
33. Only Oracle Process manager will be available under windows services.

File System Structure:

Under BI Home folder ( OBIEE11g installed folder), we will have the following sub folders.
             I.        Instances
           II.        JDK160_18
         III.        JROCKit_160_17_R28.0.0_679
         IV.        Logs
           V.        Modules
         VI.        Oracle_BI1
       VII.        Oracle_ Common
     VIII.        User_ Projects
         IX.        Utils
           X.        WLServer_10.3
Now we can discuss each one of the folders following 

1. Oracle_BI1: It contains core oracle BI Components and template files used by the configuration phase of installation process.

2. Oracle_ Common: It contains general Oracle files.

3.WLServer_10.3: It contains web logic server binaries.

4. User_ Projects: It is a folder for all common web logic domains and applications.

    The web logic domain for Oracle BI is located within this folder only.
<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIServer-component\ coreapplication_Obis1\repository

Path for the repository file:

Path for Presentation Catalog:
<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBI Presentation Services component\ coreapplication_Obips1\catalog


Path for NQS CONFIG.INI file:
<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\ config\OracleBI Server component\ coreapplication_Obis1

<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\ config\OracleBI Presentation Services component\ coreapplication_ObiPs1


1.   Configuration file names have not been changed but the location(path) of the files is changed.

2.   In OBIEE 10g you can directly edit nqsconfig.ini file, Instance config.xml files, where as in OBIEE 11g you can do changes partially, by directly editing files and partially by using Enterprise Manager.

<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\diagnostics\logs\OracleBIServer-component\coreapplication_Obis1

Path for OBI Server Log files:

<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\diagnostics\logs\OracleBI Presentation Services component\coreapplication_ObiPs1

Path for OBI Presentation Server Log files:

<Installed Drive>\<BIHome Directory>\instances\instance1\diagnostics\logs\OracleBI Presentation Services component\coreapplication_ObiPs1


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