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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Breif on BI Publisher

By on June 21, 2014

· Oracle BI Publisher can either be installed stand alone or as part of OBIEE --> Both install types use the RCU and Universal Installer. --> Both store BI Publisher scheduler tables in BI PLATFORM schema.

· Installing BIP as a part of OBIEE automatically configures security. Web catalog integration, passing of credentials.

· If BIP is initially installed stand alone, it can be configured for integration post install.

· BIP is also delivered embedded in EBS, PSFT, Discoverer 10g/ 11g and other applications.

Hands On:

· Note: Use only Firefox(V.3+)

· Log on to analytics --> Administration.

· Click on manage BI Publisher

· From data sources click on JDBC connection

· Click on Add data source.


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