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Sunday, 16 February 2014

What is the Use of BMM Layer in OBIEE 11g

By on February 16, 2014

1. Use to create new logical Columns.

2. Can create complex joins, outer joins, and inner joins.

3. Can create Time series functions, aggregate functions of measures.

4. Can create Level Based Measures (LBM).

5. Can create dimensional hierarchy.

6. Aggregate persistence wizard can be done in BMM layer.

7. Can create new logical table sources (LTS).

8. Minimize the use of Snow-Flakes

9. Whenever you do Consistency Check, Right Click the Changed Business Model Object and go for Check Consistency rather than using the Global Consistency Check. This will minimize the time needed for Consistency Check

10. Minimize the use of Conditional Checks and ‘CASE WHEN’ usage in the formula of Logical Columns. This will affect performance. Instead make proper use of the where clause Content filter of the LTS if the condition applies to all the columns/measures in the logical table

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