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Sunday, 16 February 2014

e-biz R 12.3 Basic Study

By on February 16, 2014


UserName: Operations
Password: welcome

 this is forms
 this oaf(oracle application firm work)

Responsibility switch – To select the Responsibility

To find the responsibility, click on switch responsibility.  And you will list of option.

Use like operator to see related responsibility.

To create user in ebiz

Yellow color is mandatory –
Use % alt f to find responsibility.

We going to see inventory module – Inventory vision operation is default
Control s to save in ebiz.

So, We have created the user and assign the responsibility .

Now going with new user

To open form. Click on master item. This is where original forms open

To view all the record press  control +  f11

To find which table the form use. Go to help – record history
Basically it will be view. Coz many table may have used in that form.

To find the particular cell place for view column help- diagnostics – examine

Default apps password

This is how, we can find column name

Some of the prefix to find db object

_v – view
_B – base table
_tl  - table

This is how, we will find tables in from the view, which we get from ebiz

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