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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Steps for installation informatica 9 for OBIA

By on February 16, 2014

Steps for installing Informatica 9.0.1 server and client
1.       Create user infa and infadm using sqlplus.

2.       Go to the informatica folder
<Informatica 9.0.1/infa 9.0.1….> ( the location is that the software were you are copied the software)

3.       Go to the server folder to install the Informatica server and click install.

4.       The installation process will start
5.       Select the installation type and give next

6.       Verify the pre-requisites to start the installation

7.       Select the licence key and installation path to install the informatica

8.       After giving the license key and installation directory give next , it will calculate the disk place to installation

9.       After that it will show the installation summary and confirm and click install
10.    Installation process will start

11.   Configuring the installation

12.   After configuring , create domain

13.   Click the “create a domain” then uncheck the “enable HTTPS for informatica Administrator”

14.   Configure the database for the domain configuration repository

Change the database type according to your database installed
Change the database user id “admin” to “ infadm” and required password
Change the JDBC URLà Database address from host_name:port_no” to “hostname or ipaddress:1521”
Click test connection.

15.   Create domain and give information

Give the domain user name : Administrator
Give the domain password : Administrator
Give the confirm password: Administrator
Click next.

16.  To assign configuration

Check out “Run Informatica under a different user account” and click next

17.   Starting service and installation status will become success and click done to exit.

18.   To install informatica client go to the directory the software contain.
<informatica_home/901HF2_clientinstaller_win-32-x86/client> and click install file to run.

19.   Select install option and directory and click next.

20.   Pre- requisite process will take down – confirm and click next

21.   Select the component “Informatica powercenter client 9.0.1 hotfix2” and click next.

22.   Review the information and confirm to install informatica client and click install

23.   Installation process will start

24.   Installation status – success then click done to exit

25.   Check the informatica server and client installed or not.
Click startàInformatica 9.0.1àserver & client

26.   Set the environment variable to start services.
Mycomputerà rightclickàpropertiesàadvancedàenvironment variables
Goto system variableà newàgive
Variable valueà”systempath” as ex.”c:\informatica\9.0.1\domains.infa

27.   Create newàserver ,client and tomcat path and system path
Variable nameàpath
Variable valueà”c:\....”
28.   Restart the system

29.   Check the services started or not
Goto runàtype “services.msc” and click ok

30.   After the service start go to Informatica Administrator page
Startàinformaticaàserverà administrator console
31.   Give username and password as “Administrator” and log in

32.   Informatica Administrator  page will open with domain we created before.

33.   Go to action and click new to create new repository
Domainàaction->new->”power center repository service”

34.   A dialogue box will open to create a new repository with step 1 of 2

Give nameàOracle_BI_DW_Base
Location as defaultà domain_7stl
License as defaultà901_License_7stl_48451
Node as defaultànode01_7stl

Step 2:
Datebase typeàOracle
Connection stringà ORCL
Code pageà as default
Check in “No content exists…….”
Then click finish

35.   Repository will create and enabling the service

36.   After enabling the service the “the powercenterrepository service will get available”

37.   Create the integration service
Go to action and click new to create new repository
Domainàaction->new->”power center integration service”

Name àOracle_BI_DW_Base_Integration_Service
Step 2:
Powercenter Respository ServiceàOracle_BI_DW_Base             
Passwordà Administrator
Date movement modeàunicode

Specify the code page
38.   Enabling the integration service

Service is available

39.   Change the validate data code pages from yes to no
Click the edit option in configuration properties , you will get the dialogue box with check in of “validatedatacodepages”

After check out the validate code page

40.   Change the operating mode from exclusive to normal
Click Oracle_BI_DW_BaseàRepository propertiesà repository mode

41.   Restart  the repository service.. click ok
Click ok.
42.   Enable the repository service

43.   Creating and deleting the content
Change the mode operating mode from “exclusive to normal”

44.   Go to repository properties click edit
45.   Restart the service

46.   Enabling the service.
47.   Go to Oracle_DW_BI_Base in right side click “action”
ActionàRepository contentsàdelete
48.   A dialogue box will open to confirm to delete the contents

Give usernameà”Administrator”
Give passwordà”…………”

49.   Deleting process will take down
50.   Backup or restore the contents
Change the mode to exclusive
Goto actionàrepository contentsàrestore

51.   Select the restore repository backup  file

52.   Restore as new

53.   Confirm the restore process
Restoring contents is on process

54.   Change the timeout options in Oracle_DW_BI_Base in “advanced properties”

Click edit in Oracle_BI_DW_Baseàadvanced properties(rightside) àclick edit

Change the resilence timeout values to 1000
Heart beat interval value to 1000

Enabling and recycle the service.

55.   Edit custom properties
Click edit
A dialogue box will open to edit and create new properties

Create 4 new  custom property
apps@R12PLY baw@orcl

56.   After creating the custom property

57.   Restoring and creating backup files
Backup the source and lookup files from obia informatica to informatica

Copy the source files to this location

Look up files

Copy to this location

58.   Enable and recycle the services. Then logout from Informatica Administrator Console.
59.   Copying the pmcmd file from server to client

60.   Then restart the service

61.   Go to Informatica Powercenter Workflow Manager

62.   Open the repository to configure domain

63.   Configuring domain

Check in the Oracle_BI_DW_Base

64.   The repostiory will create in the workflow manager

Right click on Oracle_BI_DW_Baseàclick connect

Give usernameà Administrator
Give passwordà Administrator

Click connect to the repository 
After connecting it will show the default mappings

65.   Check the connections and repository is connected or not in Repository workflow manager

66.   Go to workflowmanager
For create and  connecting database

67.   Select oracle and click new

Name: ORA_R12
Username: apps
Password: apps
Connect string : R12PLY

Click new
Name: DataWarehouse
Connectstring: orcl

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