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Sunday, 16 February 2014

dynamically change column name in obiee

By on February 16, 2014

Dynamic Hierarchy column for different user?
For the particular user the report column has to change and have privileges to see some of the regions only.
We can this as “Data Level Security” and “Object Level Security”.
Step 1:
Create the hierarchy For the Table which containing columns in BMM layer.
In this Hierarchy there are 2 levels Property type-à Property name
Check the Output of the hierarchy
There are 3 part of Property Type. So according to requirement I am going to make three users one has to have the permissions to one Property Type only.
Step 3:
Login to http://localhost:7001/console and create 3 users for example here I created one user “TESTUSER”.
Going to apply privileges to user can see only one property Type and same procedure for other users also.
Step 4:
Go to RPD Manageà Identityà select the user who you are going to give privileges.
Here I am selected “TESTUSER” for this user can see Mena property type.
Right Click on the user and go to properties.
Then one Dialog box will appear near to the username we have the option Permissions.

Step 5:
Go to second tab “Data Filter” to select the particular property type for the selected user.
Assign the condition to filter out the property for the particular user.
So the user can see only 5, 9 property.

Do the same for the other user filter out some other property and give permissions to particular property.
According to log in of the user, the property name will dynamically change.

mkashu: dynamically change column name in obiee
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