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Saturday, 17 May 2014

OBIEE 11g Interview Questions from Virtusa

By on May 17, 2014

One of  my buddy who has 3+ year if experience in OBIEE 11g development has attended OBIEE interview in Virtusa today.

Question mention below is OBIEE 11g Interview questions which he faced recently with Virtusa

1 Tell me About yourself

2 Whats your role on project

3 what is the difference between Filters and Selection steps

4 what are all the components will have in dashboard

5 where we can see the sql queries in answer side

6 what is the use of Advanced tab in analysis

7 what are all the types of views

8 what is dashboard prompt  

9 what is agents and its steps

10 what is the difference between column selector and view selector

11 what is the use of narrative vierw

12 how you combine two subject area and get reports

13 what are all the options will use while combinig reports from different subject area

14 what the common possible things need to create a combined answer

15 what is use of delivery devices

16 Difference between Pivot view and table view

17 How you do sort order and what are all options are ther

18 How you do drill from report as well as graph

19 What is the use ticker view

20 How you will user comments in agents steps

21 How you will add document In the dashboards

22 What is the use of action links

23 Steps for write back and its use

24 What is the use of RPD

25 How will you import tables to Physical laeyr

26 what is the use of alias

27 cache management in RPD

28 variables

29 One connection pool may map to how many tables

30 Will the joins define automatically while imnporting from database to physical layer

31 I am having only one table in physical layer and moving to BMm layer what happens and if any errors came what the steps I have to take

32 whatis the use BMM layer

33 what is LTS

34 what is LT

35 types of hierarchy can you explain me one hierarchy and its steps and where we will use

36 in creating hierarchy where we can define logical levels

37 what is the use f chronological key why we have to define

38 what is the use of new logical key

39 can we set from parent to child and child to parent in hierarchy

40 what is the purpose of time dimension hierarchy

41 what is LBM

42 What are all the calcualtion done in BMM layer according to your project

43 how you define security in RPD

44 what are all the typesof security available in RPD

45 how you will set the permissions for different subject areas

46 what is mean by content level

47 what is the use purge why we are using

48 what is the use of jobs

49 Usage tracking and its steps

50 what are all the things will do in EM and Console

51 About Joins

52 Log Level

53 Disadvantage of cache

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