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Monday, 12 May 2014

Map viewer in OBIEE 11g - Part -2

By on May 12, 2014

Map View in OBIEE 11g – Part 2

Building Map View in Presentation Side (Answer)
1.      Login to presentation (Answer side) to check the map view is working or not.(http://localhost:9704/analytics)
2.      Already we have changed the privileges for map data.
3.      Click on Administration à go to Map Data Management à Click on Manage Map Data.

4.      Initially there won’t be layers, background Maps and Images.

5.      Click here to add a new layer, to add layers from mv demo data.
A new dialogue box will get open to import layers from the created data sources.

6.      Once you add layers then we need to subject areas for the layers.
Need to add BI key column s from the subject areas.

Click ok.
7.      Go to the next tab “Background Maps” and add background maps.

Check in the list whether the created bing map1 and its subject area are created.

8.      To add images go to 3rd tab, you can assign images from mvdemo.

Click under the name, you will get a new dialogue box with lot of images under created data source.

Click ok.

9.      Create new analysis with that subject area and add map view.
Add some column from the subject areas which have given in Managed Map data.

Click results to view the compound layout, in that add Map view to get the map.

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