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Thursday, 15 May 2014

KPI in OBIEE 11g

By on May 15, 2014

Create KPI in OBIEE
You can create new kPI under score card documents also.

In the left side pane of “Score Card Documents” Click on Create kPI.

For reference: For Developing KPI Step By Step, Just follow my blog (http://mkashu.blogspot.com).
Select the subject area in which you want to create KPI.
Add the actual value and target value, select the user and detail about the KPI.
Check the data format and enable trending is based upon the value or percentage of value.
You can edit the formula by clicking Fx button next to actual and target value.

In the Dimensionality tab you can add the dimension tables, to get the output value prompted based on the dimension too.

Even you can filter for particular year in the dimensionality,
States – in this you can set the state properties like goal status as high desirable values or Low desirable values or based on actual values.

Set the state label too like ok or warning and critical, by using some condition.

Set the color, set the icon, set the action for link between the KPI and dashboard, or reports or URL.

Click finish and save and check in the dashboard.

Create Mission
A mission statement specifies the key business goals and priorities that are required to achieve your vision.

1.      Click new to create new mission under left side pane of Scorecard documents.
2.      Go to details in the right side, and add the documents.

3.      Enter and format the mission statement. You can apply such formatting options such as bold, italic, underlining, indents, justification, and font size changes.

Strategy Map:
      A strategy map shows how the objectives that have been defined for a scorecard and the KPIs that measure their progress are aligned by perspectives. It also indicates cause and effect relationships between objectives and other objectives or KPIs with connecting lines.

You can create multiple strategy maps to represent the strategy of different areas of your organization.

1.      Click new to create strategy map under scorecard documents in the left side pane,

2.      According perspective the sections are separated in the right side of diagram

3.      Drag and drop the KPIs and make Joins using the line using casual linkage.
According to the perspective assigned to the strategy the kpis will get placed.
For example Test1 strategy is created under financial perspective and Test2 strategy is created under internal process perspective so it will be in the space.
4.      Draw a casual linkage using this symbol. ()

5.      You can check the linkage status by right lick on the line go to edit casual linkage.
6.      The legend will tell you the strength of the linkage.

7.      Check the details and status of the strategy and kpi using the tab details on the top.

8.      Click save the strategy map and check it in score card.

Strategy Tree

It shows an objective and KPS’s which supports child objectives and all its hierarchy by a tree diagram.

It also provides supporting information for the objective, such as business owner and related documents.

For entire organization it shows the separate department of strategy information in the tree format.

The strategy for an entire scorecard (that is, the root objective) for example, ABC Corporation

 The strategy for an individual objective, for example, Decrease Support Turnaround


1.      Click new on the left side pane of score card documents under that click on “Create strategy tree”.

2.      Automatically it will get all the strategy objectives and its KPI’s in the diagram pane. In the format Hierarchy and tree.

3.      You can check the status of every KPI’s values and its variance also.

4.      Another Format of diagram is also available to check the status of the strategy of kpi, next to the tree symbol on the top of diagram you have the wheel diagram type.

5.      Save the strategy tree and check it in Score card.
6.      You can set the properties for the strategy tree diagram, by clicking the symbol

It is the short statement which describes the organization information for the future perspective.
Steps are as same as above we created mission statement.

1.      Click new in the left side pane of scorecard documents and click on “Create vision statements”.

2.      Add a document on the right side pane, and find the related document.

3.      Brief about the strategy of the organization information and make it visible by editing the information.

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