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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Multi user development environment (MUDE) in OBIEE 11g

By on May 14, 2014

By default only one user can work on RPD file.

If multi users needs to work on same RPD file then we need to implement MUDE.

MUDE is totally controlled by administration.

Setup of MUDE:

We have 3 steps

1.    Creating projects. 

2.    Copy RPD into shared path & rename RPD. 

3.    Define multi user directions. 

Step1: Creating Projects

A piece of RPD is called as project.

RPD will be divided into projects based on BMM or subject area.

On one project two or more members can work.


Open ABC –aflis08-dimension hierarchies RPD in offline mode --> manage --> projects --> action menu --> new project --> name: sales --> select subject area --> expand subject area supplier sales --> select sales fact --> add --> expand presentation --> select supplier sales --> add --> ok.


Copy above RPD from repositories folder to E:/documents & settings/all users/shared documents/shared folder/new folder.

Note: if shared RPD is not available create one --> rename RPD in shared folder to shared-ABC.RPD.


Administrator tool --> tools menu --> options --> browse and print to E:/documents & settings/all users/document/shared RPD --> provide same name --> ok.

Using MUDE Environment :

In using we have below steps.

1)    Check out. 

2)    Change metadata. 

3)    Merge. 

4)    Publish. 

5)    Move RPD from shared folder to repository folder. 

6)    Test. 

Step 5: 

1.    Open admin tool --> file menu --> multi user --> check out --> repository password:RRitec123 --> ok name : B147-1ROPD --> save --> open another instance of admin tool --> multi user --> check out --> password: RRitec123--> name :B147-2RPD -->save. 

2.    In B147-1RPD -->Rt click on sales facts --> new object --> logical column --> name:1 --> column source --> drive from ….. --> type 1 --> ok. 

3.    Drag and drop into presentation layer sales facts --> save. Similarly add second column in B147-2RPD. 

4.    File menu --> multi user --> merge user --> merge local changes --> save. 

5.    Go to file menu --> multi user --> publish to network --> ok. Do step3 & step4 for another RPD. 

6.    Copy RPD from share to repository. 

7.    Open RPD  in offline mode & observe changes.

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