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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Catalog manager in OBIEE 11g

By on May 14, 2014

It is a window based client using catalog manager we can deploy web catalog in two ways. 

They are
1.    Offline.

2.    Online. 

Offline catalog deployment:

1)    Open catalog manager.

Start --> all programs --> oracle business intelligence --> catalog manager. 

2)    File menu --> open catalog. 

3)    Type: offline. 

4)    Path: E:/BI11g/instances/instance1/bifoundation/oracle BI presentation services component/core application-obips1/catalog/B150 --> ok 

5)    Similarly open another instance of catalog manager & open B149 catalog in offline mode. 

6)    Expand folders & select whatever you want to deploy -->Rt click --> copy --> paste into another catalog required folder. 

7)    Start target oracle BI presentation server. 

Online catalog deployment:

First two steps are same.

type: online.

URL: http://localhost:7001/analysis/saw.dll?

UN: web logic

iv.        Password: *******123

v.        Similarly open another instance of catalog manager in online mode.

vi.        Copy & paste. 

Deploying catalog is recommended in offline another advantages of catalog manager:

1.    Deployment as per above. 

2.    Back up of web catalog. 

3.    Permissions. 

4.    Web catalog documentation. 


Open catalog in catalog manager either in offline or online mode --> select whatever reports we want --> file menu --> archive --> point to desktop & give name as B147 --> ok.

Some reason by mistake if we delete any of the reports. We can restore from our archive file.

File menu --> un archive --> point to B147 folder --> ok --> ok.


Rt click on any object in the catalog manager --> click on permissions --> & change whatever way we want --> ok.

Web catalog documentation:

Select catalog Root/main folder --> tools menu --> create report --> select all the columns by pressing shift --> (>) --> ok --> select excel format --> ok --> ok.

RPD documentation:

Go to tools menu in admin tool --> utilities --> repository documentation.

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