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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

KPI Watch list OBIEE 11g

By on May 14, 2014

KPI watch lists are collections of KPIs that you build by adding the KPIs that are stored in the catalog. After you build and save a KPI watch list, it is stored as a catalog object and can be added to dashboards and scorecards. Because KPIs cannot be viewed directly from the catalog by end users, KPI watch lists are one of the ways, along with outputting a KPI to an analysis and including a KPI on a scorecard, that KPIs are distributed to end users.


1.      Click new on the left side pane of scorecard document under that click on “create KPI watch list”.

2.      Click on objects on the right side pane, under that click “Add KPI” to KPI in the list.

3.      Locate the already created KPI from the catalog.

4.      Check the dimension tables and use point of view or select particular value for the dimension to retrieve the data.

5.      Check the status of the KPI’s and save the watch list.

Perspective can represent the key stack holders in the organization.
It is the category to associate initiatives, objectives, and KPI’s
Perspective types:
ü  Internal Process- Support the corporate by internally for performance management strategy using the internal policies and procedures.
ü  Financials – support the corporate for development of organization
ü  Customers – Client support to improve the performance of the organization
ü  Learning & growth – It supports the employee training to develop organization status.
You can add new perspective under the perspective pane in the left side.

Give the name for the perspective and add kpi’s.
Focus types are Financial and Internal Facing

It contains all the reports, dashboards and KPI’s, Scorecards.

 Final Overview of the score card created, with the dimensional prompts on the top.

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