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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Scheduling a report to burst e-Mail in BI Publisher

By on September 17, 2017

 Click on Edit link mentioned below to edit the report

Now select the dummy column in the split by and deliver by column, so that the file will save as a single file.

  •  Now select the data source
  • Write the sql query for bursting the report.
  • In the Query the key should match the split by column.
  • Give the template name in Template and format of template in Template Format.
  • Give the output format and delivery channel type in the next two lines.
  •  Parameter 1 will be the receiving person and parameter 3 will be the sender.
  • If u wants to copy someone then give their id at Parameter 2.
  • The subject for the mail will be given in Parameter 4 and body of the mail in Parameter 5.
  •  Parameter 6 is set true to deliver the output in the required format.

Check the Enable Bursting option.

Now save the work done.

The mail has been delivered to the recipient.

Now the open the Excel sheet to see the output.

mkashu: Scheduling a report to burst e-Mail in BI Publisher
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