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Friday, 22 September 2017

Publishing multiple templates for a BI Publisher Report

By on September 22, 2017

Create a new template design to view details in Pie Chart.

(If not already opened) Open the BI Publisher report or else log in to BI Publisher.

In MS Word, select the BI Publisher> Open Template option. Open the report from the path My Folders>BI_Publisher_LabGuide.

In the Word document that loads this report, select Insert> Chart on the BI Publisher toolbar to define a format for the table data in the query.

Drag and drop the Ename for Values and Loc for Labels. Give an appropriate title. 

There are various types of charts available like Bar graph, Pie Chart, Line Graph, Area Graph, Ring Graph, Pareto Graph, Radar Graph etc. Select the one needed. 

After choosing the type, select the style. 

See the preview by clicking the Preview button. 

Include headers and footers as shown below.

mkashu: Publishing multiple templates for a BI Publisher Report
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