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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Requirements For Data Warehouses

By on July 16, 2013

There are some requirements that companies need to meet if they wish to use data warehouses effectively. When first introduced data warehouses in the 1990s, and developed many companies to focus on identifying the data warehouse in the system, which was distinct from the standard operating system.
This view was shared by many of the companies, and also seen in the data warehouse from being a centralized data that are operational. However, over the past decade, many of the companies were to change their views on how they perceive data warehouses. In the 1990s was a decade of trial and error. While there are many successes, there have been many failures.

One of the things that will improve the data warehouse industry is to increase the processing power of the computer. The technology also has advanced to the point where OLAP engines can focus on pulling data rather than placed in a data warehouse. It should also be noted that the field of dimensional modeling has greatly improved over the past decade. To achieve success in the current market, companies need to understand the requirements that must meet if they want their data warehouses to be successful. The companies first thing you want to do is to move from a centralized development strategy to one that is decentralized. In addition, it should also be growing development.

The only thing that companies must be aware that it is inevitable that smaller departments will create their own small repositories. Because he can not stop this practice, it is important for companies to create a framework that allows these departments to share information with the rest of the company. Remember, the purpose of the data warehouse is to give a view of the company as a whole. In spite of all the departments will need their own small repositories to answer crucial questions, you must provide this information to the rest of the company. In spite of this, you should be able to design data-Mart department their own unique way.

The second requirement is that companies will want to meet is the ability to deal with emergencies when they occur variables. The only thing that remains constant is change, and the company must prepare for this. It should be based on a data warehouse in a way that allows them to evolve. It will be frustrating and boring to have to change plans every time the company needs to adapt to the new change. The company must be able to add additional information to their own data warehouse without having to modify any of its components. Once this is done, the company can add new information to their system without having to make changes to boring, and they can focus on more important issues.

The third condition is that companies will want to meet is the rapid implementation. This follows closely to build a system that is decentralized rather than centralized. In the past, companies took months and sometimes years to build a data warehouse, which was central. This is a significant increase in the costs involved with the construction of the system, and the company wasted a great deal of time. Using rapid deployment, the data warehouse can be built in pieces, and it can be done much faster with a high level of efficiency. To do so quickly, it should be to all parts of the data warehouse using the same structure.
Once this is done, it will be much easier for the company to build parts and indexed. And inquire about parts also become much easier. The fourth condition that companies will need to have is the ability to easily dig into simpler form of atomic data.

The vast majority of the company's data clusters need to use atomic data, it is important for departments to access this information without having to give their employees a great deal of training. Another requirement that the company must have is the data clusters that when combined can create the entire data warehouse. It must be shaped pools data from the underlying data (IAEA), because it is not effective to replicate data in all measurements throughout the company.

It is also important for companies to make sure they are repositories of data available 24 hours a day. In the past, the data warehouse will be down for certain periods of time, and this has led to a decrease in efficiency. The existence of data warehouses online 24 hours a day allowing the company to be highly efficient.

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