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Thursday, 18 July 2013


By on July 18, 2013

Below diagram describes the standard logical architecture of Oracle business intelligence 11g system

The entire system architecture is called BI Domain, this BI Domain divided into Java components and non-Java components. Java components are weblogic server Domain components and non-java components are Oracle BI system components.

Weblogic Server Domain

This domain consists of Managed server and Admin Server. These services comprises mainly with all the java modules to trigger the java services.

Admin Server: A JEE container that runs in a dedicated Java virtual machine that contains Java components for administering the system .It typically trigger the start, stop kind of admin activity for his peer Manager server processes.

Managed Server:A JEE container that runs in a dedicated Java virtual machine that provides the run-time environment for the Java-based services and applications within the system. The services comprises of BI plug-in, Security, publisher, SOA, BI Office services etc

Node Manager: Node Manager is a separate java utility runs to trigger the auto start, stop, restart activities and it provides process management services for the Admin server and Managed Server.

Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN):By using this OPMN services we can stop and start all system components of BI. It is monitored, managed and controlled by Fusion Middleware Controller.

Oracle Weblogic Server (Console):

It is a Java EE application server that supports the deployment of Oracle Business Intelligence Java components. Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console access has been provided by Fusion Middleware Control. Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console enables to monitor and manage a WebLogic Server domain. Its capabilities include the following:

· Monitoring health and performance of JEE servers· Configuring WebLogic domains· Stopping and starting JEE servers· Viewing JEE server logs

Fusion Middleware Control:

Fusion Middleware Control is a browser-based tool and the recommended method for monitoring, managing, and configuring Oracle Business Intelligence components.

Starting, stopping, and restarting all system components (BI Server, BI Presentation Server) and Managed Servers

· Configuring preferences and defaults

· Starting, stopping, and restarting all system components (BI Server,BI Presentation Server) and Managed Servers

· Managing performance and monitoring system metrics(DMS-Dynamic Monitoring System)

· Performing diagnostics and logging (ODL-Oracle Diagnostic Logging)Fusion Middleware Control also provides access to Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, where you monitor and manage Oracle Business Intelligence Java components.

Java components:
Deployed as one or more Java EE applications:

Administrative Components — Enterprise Management applications and JMX MBeans for managing all configuration and run-time settings for Oracle Business Intelligence.

Oracle BI Publisher — This component provides an enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all types of highly formatted documents to employees, customers, and suppliers.

Oracle BI Office — This component provides the integration between Oracle Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office products.

Oracle BI Action Services — This component provides the dedicated Web services that are required by the Action Framework and that enable an administrator to manually configure which Web service directories can be browsed by users when they create actions.

Oracle Real-Time Decisions (Oracle RTD) — This component provides enterprise analytics software solutions that enable companies to make better decisions in real-time at key, high-value points in operational business processes.

Oracle BI Security Services — This component provides dedicated Web services that enable the integration of the Oracle BI Server with the Oracle Fusion Middleware security platform i.e JPS (Java Platform Security) , CSF (Credential Store Framework) and users and groups managed by BI LDAP security.

Oracle BI SOA Services — This component provides dedicated Web services for objects in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog, to invoke analyses, agents, and conditions. They make it easy to invoke Oracle Business Intelligence functionality from Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes.

Oracle BI Plug-in — A JEE application that routes HTTP and SOAP requests to Oracle BI Presentation Services.

System components:
Deployed as non-JEE components, such as processes and services written in C++ and J2SE:

Oracle BI Server — This component provides the query and data access capabilities at the heart of Oracle Business Intelligence and provides services for accessing and managing the enterprise semantic model (stored in a file with a .RPD extension).

Oracle BI Presentation Services — This component provides the framework and interface for the presentation of business intelligence data to Web clients. It maintains an Oracle BI Presentation Catalog service on the file system for the customization of this presentation framework.

Oracle BI Scheduler — This component provides extensible scheduling for analyses to be delivered to users at specified times. (Oracle BI Publisher has its own scheduler)

Oracle BI JavaHost — This component provides component services that enable Oracle BI Presentation Services to support various components such as Java tasks for Oracle BI Scheduler, Oracle BI Publisher, and graph generation.

Oracle BI Cluster Controller — This components distributes requests to the BI Server, ensuring requests are evenly load-balanced across all BI Server process instances in the BI domain.

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