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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Protect your data warehouse

By on July 16, 2013

How to protect your datawarehouse 

While many used data warehouses to gain access to information and analysis, and some companies want to put restrictions on the type of information that can be accessed factor. While there are some advantages in doing so, there are also some disadvantages as well.

Overall, the company does not put emphasis on security even after it has been building a data warehouse. Before setting up a security system to store your data, it is first important to understand what is the function of the data warehouse is being designed for your.

If most of the people who use the data warehouse will not be considered in the background reports, you will need to establish a security system that can accommodate that. While you want to take some security measures, it is important to make sure you do not add too much. When you set up a security system for your data warehouse, there are three areas you want to pay attention to, and this is analytical, consolidation, and consolidated reports.

The analytical side of data warehouses is something you will hear about more than others. It is especially important during the planning stages. Despite this, more than 70 percent of data warehouses are built with standardized reporting in mind. There will be only a handful of people in most of the companies that will know how to make plans based on the information obtained in the analytical repository. While these people have a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge, and they make up only a small portion of those who work with data stores.

Trying to use advanced security measures in the analytical data warehouse generally worthless. However, CRF is a different issue. With standardized reporting, and a security system is not an option. The reason for this is because of this area of the warehouse that will have the most activity, and this is the most vulnerable to performance problems. Data warehouse, which puts the emphasis on the consolidation seeks to integrate the information that it contains. Despite this, some companies may choose to merge the data into a single source. When multiple sources are brought together information, security will become a complex issue.

As you can imagine, the financial information within the data warehouse you need to have a different level of security of information relating to stock. In addition, it has various departments within the company to have their own levels of security. In order for you to secure your data warehouse, it is important to make sure that every form of information has its own security system. If you are considering adding security to your data warehouse, you will need to decide where the security system should be added. Places that are common choose is the level of the database and the application.

Put a security system in the effective application because it can not be connected to the data that is processed by the application. In addition, the actual functions of the program can also be secured. After application, the next best place to add security is the data warehouse itself. When you add security to the data warehouse, and all computer programs are safe. And one will choose to rely on a number of factors. If you use more than one program within the database, it may be better to use a security program at the database level. You may also need to use a security system at the database level if more than 100 users will have access to the data warehouse.

Another thing that you want to become familiar with is the security table. The table will contain security features that are secured along with the identification of the user. The table will be held values that are related to the information that the user is allowed to access.

You may find that security table could become the largest table inside the warehouse. However, the security table can play an important role in making sure your information is secure. When you secure your data warehouse, it is important to make sure the levels are set right to security. Each type of information within the database will need to be secured in a different way. It can also be slowed down the speed of your data warehouse.

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